Stomatology is a rather dynamic science. New technologies are constantly leaving the laboratories.

Very often the classical methods of treatment require healthy dental matter to be removed, so that crowns and bridges can be fitted. A major field of the contemporary research is the search for methods of treatment, where this would be avoided.

One such approach is the use of glass fibers. Their use is a part of the so-called mini-invasive dental treatment. Its aim is to maximally utilize the clinically possible reserves for preserving the healthy dental matter of the patient. The glass fibers allow the treatment of a broad spectrum of dental problems. In the same time, the classical ways of treatment remain available, leaving more options for the patient in the future.

The glass fibers are a suitable, fast, and economical solution in the following cases:
– repairing broken teeth without the need of crown placement;
– replacement of missing teeth without conventional bridges or implants;
– splinting of mobile or traumatised teeth.

The main advantage of this approach is that it does not require multiple visits to the dentist. It does not require the use of a dental technician either. The treatment can be applied during a single visit.

As with any dental problem, the possibility to use such glass fibers depends on the particular case and the specific condition of the patient’s teeth. Please do not hesitate to contact me in order to arrange an appointment for a check-up.

The technology in action: